Is Your Facebook Private and LinkedIn Public? “Likely to change in 2011″ Says One Expert

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Greg Coyle, co-founder of, cites data from the 2010 Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey to support his opinion, that Facebook profiles may go public in 2011.

Some of the data shared by Jobvite:

  • 83% of 600 surveyed employers will recruit in social networks this year
  • 46% will spend more on social recruiting
  • 36% will spend less on job boards
  • 80% review social profiles

Listed in the social media which companies use for recruiting? LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube, and MySpace – in that order.

What’s the surprise? Facebook ranks almost as high for recruiters, at 55%, as LinkedIn which is used 78% of the time.

As Coyle states, “The perceived wisdom on privacy has typically been to make your LinkIn page public but keep your Facebook page private.” He goes on to say, “I think that’s likely to change in 2011.”

Coyle explains that recruiters are looking at Facebook - and that if you want to make your best impression, keeping your Facebook profile private may be “unwise.”

What is MyWebCareer?

As mentioned, Coyle is co-founder of MyWebCareer, a free online service which offers to “discover, evaluate, and manage online data that may help your career prospects.” The service analyzes your online footprint – like your profiles, network, and search results – and gives you back a career score.

MyWebCareer compares its career score to a FICO or credit score. The idea is, you – and others – can use the score to judge how hirable you are. Mercifully for now, the MyWebCareer team promises to keep your score private unless you give them permission to share it.

MyWebCareer is currently in beta. The team there writes a blog on managing your online social footprint for career-minded individuals.

Impact on Youth

It would be interesting to know if MyWebCareer intends to introduce similar scoring mechanisms designed for college-minded teens. The footprint evaluation process it uses seems similar to Reputation Management tools, including and SocioClean. At a minimum, young people should keep in mind that their online footprint will be with them long after college – and likely help or hurt their prospects of landing that first job.


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