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In Alabaster, AL, a groundswell of support for Josh Carden and his family is rocking the local community.

In Dec, Josh’s grandfather died in a tragic accident – crossing the street to meet Josh at the school bus stop. Josh has cerebral palsy. Josh’s grandfather was one of two key people in his life raising him and supporting him – the other being his surviving 72 yo grandmother.

What’s going on now to help? An individual in the local community, Jeff Brooks, found out about what happened to Josh. Jeff happened to be on that road when the accident happened, with his nine year old son. The accident touched Jeff’s heart in a way that he wasn’t expecting – and moved him to initiate an “Extreme Home Make-over” style of intervention for Josh and his grandmother.

Jeff has reached out to others in the community, and he told me today that the out-pouring of love and support has been overwhelming. Jeff found people willing to help him put the word out about what they are trying to accomplish, through their local ABC affiliates. A local contractor — who also happens to be in a wheelchair — volunteered to join the team and coordinate the rebuilding work.

Volunteers include a virtual army of local electricians, plumbers, painters and other tradespeople. They also have attracted local business people interested in bringing attention to the effort, facilitating the project, and arranging the financing and legal transfers required.

You can check the team’s progress on their FB page, or search for the Josh Carden Project.

How Can You Help?

Glad that you asked! ;) The team’s FB page includes a list of what they need and how you can contribute. I think one way to contribute, is to continue to SPREAD THE WORD. You can do that by:

  • Use your FB account to Like the JoshProject FB page
  • Go to the JoshProject FB page, and then select the “Share” button – to write a comment and post a status update on your FB page with a link to the JoshProject
  • Spread the word on Twitter – create a tiny URL to the JoshProject page and then tweet your note to your followers and to the world
  • If you are on LinkedIn, share information about the JoshProject and include a link to their FB page
  • If you have a blog site, write about the JoshProject and include a link
  • Raise money locally - spread the word through your SM

This is an inspirational story – I know it touched my heart. I hope it touches yours, and you find a way to use SM to do some social good!

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