Picks and Shovels and Clay – Turning the Soil

Oh boy this last week has been fun :)

We have been turning over the soil in our garden for the last 10 days.  We’re using shovels for the initial turnover.  We decided that it’d be our exercise program for getting in shape for spring.  Our yard is also not ready for spring so we’re out there raking, trimming, clipping, and burning leaves.  I feel like a proper back-woods guy now.

One thing I should mention…. digging in hard clay is hard work.  REALLY hard work. Secondly, we found out that we REALLY need to amend this soil with more drainage and more loamy materials rich in nitrogen and other nutrients.

Snowy PatchAbout mid-way through the week, a very unusual ice storm hit our area, and covered our (turned once) garden plot into a snowy patch of empty ground!  we were covered with snow for three days.  Note the 1/2 inch of ice at the top of this PVC pipe.  It was COLD and rained ice for probably 10 straight hours.  In case we needed reminder that it was still wintertime!!

Our plan after the ice melts is to get a rototiller, get a bunch of soil amendment materials, and till the good stuff in with the bad stuff.  Then we start building the enclosure for our veggies!!

  • Supplies Purchased to-date:
    • 3 shovels (1 square and 2 round head)
    • 1 hoe
    • 1 order of seeds
  • Total Spent to-date: $150
  • Total Value in Harvested Vegetables:  $0
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