Indoor Sowing First Plants for Spring

Since it snowed this week, we moved indoors and sowed a few plants indoors.

We planted:

  • 11 flats of bunching onions (about 4″ diameter of planting space per flat)
  • 26 onion bulbs in itsy-bitsy peat pots
  • 4 Broccoli seeds in slightly larger peat pots

In the coming weeks, we’ll be planting tomatos, peppers, thyme, cilantro, and parsley indoors as well.

I’ve had this 250 watt fluorescent grow lamp forever, and used to grow all of the herbs above indoors during the winter months so I could cook with fresh herbs.  So lucky me, I had a good indoor sow lamp without investing additional money into the garden.  The wattage should be sufficient enough to grow quite a few seedlings.

Duct Tape Station at the MacGyver Class

Duct Tape Station at the MacGyver Class (Photo credit: Team Tanenbaum)

We’ve also just gone out to the hardware store and bought a bunch of materials to start building our garden enclosure.  I’ll spare you the details of everything we got, but it’s things like fence post 4x4s, nails, chicken wire, plastic netting, stakes, duct tape (’cause you always need duct tape when you go into MacGyver mode!

Until next time :)

  • Supplies Purchased to-date:
    • 3 shovels (1 square and 2 round head)
    • 1 hoe
    • 1 order of seeds
    • A ton of materials to plant posts and enclose the garden area
  • Total Spent to-date: $384
  • Total Value in Harvested Vegetables:  $0
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