In The News: NJ Teen Uses Facebook to Cyberbully Peers


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A 14yo boy in Jersey City was arrested this week for using Facebook and the telephone to cyberbully fellow students, according to Essex County Prosecutor Carolyn Murray.

The teen reportedly used a series of fake profiles on Facebook to threaten one victim. As the victim blocked each profile, the teen would open a new fake profile and continue the harassment.

The teen called his victims names and threatened to kill one of his peers, describing a grisly dismemberment using a rope and car. His motivation for these extreme threats? Jealousy over the other boys’ interest in his girlfriend.

The boy faces prosecution and is currently in the custody of his parents. Prosecutors in the case describe cyberbullying as a “serious and growing problem” in  New Jersey. Belleville, where the youth was arrested, has a Cyber Crimes Unit.

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